Who Are We?


The Libertarian Party was formed in 1971 but the principals of the Libertarian Party go back much farther than that. Freedom has been a struggle at the heart of human society for as long as there has been a written record. From Socrates' epic trial to gain freedom of speech, Moses' plea to Pharroh to let his people go, the American revolution in the late 1700s, the Indian independence movement in British-ruled India in the late 1800s, the civil rights movement in America in the mid to late 1900s, all the way to the modern times with the Scottish independence referendum. All of these boil down to one concept: man's urge to be free. The Libertarian Party is the modern American Freedom Movement and we are moving fast. To read more about what we believe in click on the links below or simply click the next button.


Property Rights


Family Values